Know the effects the sea on our brain

Have you noticed that feeling of peace when you are in front of the sea and you listen the sound of the waves, in this article we will tell you why this happens, since it is not only your personal fascination with the sea but a cerebral effect that brings many benefits.

Most certainly you have lived the experience of a relaxing walk along the seashore, well, most people experience feelings of calm, tranquility and peace when they are at sea.

These sensations, according to scientists, are closely related to the functioning of our brain, the relaxing effect of the sea is due to the fact that we enter into a “mental rest” mode when there is a lack of daily stimuli that in the city overloads us and prevents us from relaxing.

One of the effects of the sea movement you could said has an almost hypnotic effect which gives us that feeling of tranquility and well-being, an ideal way to start the week with more positive energy.

It is no coincidence to find the sound of the waves of the sea in meditation and relaxation sessions, since the effect it causes on brain waves stimulates creativity and concentration.

The sea is also ideal to have long talks and to clarify our ideas, addition to allowing us to put aside our worries, it makes the prefrontal area of ​​our brain to give up control, letting creativity flow and we are more open to experiences and become less critical.

The environment is loaded with positive and negative ions, positive ones are emitted by electronic devices and negative ones are common in the sea, negative ions have shown to stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain, which contributes to making us feel more relaxed and full of energy, so going to spend a few hours in front of the sea or walking on the shore of the beach is an excellent way to relax and recharge with positive energy.

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