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Why you should start looking at garage sales and reuse or buy second hand clothes

In México you can call it “Tianguis” or “Bazar”, in United States is “Garage sale” or “Yard sale” or even “Open air market” the truth is, regardless of the place you live in there will always be access to second hand stores in your city or state.

This has been recognized in México as something “low-graded” and sometimes “Tacky” by some people, the truth is this exchange of goods collaborates to a higher and deeper purpose; in Guaymas you have “Guaymas norte Tianguis” and Bazars that they remain open daily and have a variety of items, clothes, also linens and furnish, electric appliances, among more miscellaneous options.

Second-hand items not only help you save money, they help the planet. The processing of textiles currently has an impact on the use of water and the energy necessary for their manufacture. Recycling textiles such as clothes, linens and sometimes furniture reduces the consumption of energy and water by avoiding creating new products, not only that, but when you recycle, you contribute to diminish the costly consumerism.

Some of the actions that will contribute to the environment include buying in these stores or even publishing your old clothes in online markets to trade instead of selling, also giving away clothes you don’t need; if you ever decide to give away your clothes you can donate them to these bazars, even trade them for something else at this same places.

In San Carlos, we have garage sales and places that sell second handed items like “Cast away kids”, this A.C. has a major purpose, formed by a group of volunteers this non-Profit Organization focuses on assisting kids and their families in the Guaymas, Sonora area with education and housing, they have a second hand store and whatever they collect goes to support and assist Mexican families.

If you want to visit other places you can visit: ”Fashion Finds” located just meters before the bar “Santa Iguana”, they have clothes, swimming outfits and are focused on ladies clothing, also there is another Bazar in front of “Creaciones”.

We hope that these recommendations help you decide what to do with your clothes from now on. Remember, each one of us can collaborate to make the world a better place to live by being responsible for our actions.

If you are interested in donating or knowing more about Cast Away A.C. check their webpage:

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