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Travel with your pet

If you plan to travel with your pet, consider these three points

Pets are indisputably part of the family and just as human beings they also need time to relax, vacations and to get some fresh air, they also love to have trips and explore new places, we know that you would love to enjoy your holidays with your best friend, this is why we give you…

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Improve your health

Follow these steps and improve your health with new habits

It is always a good time to do changes, especially if they will work to improve your health and quality of life, after following these advices, you will notice the physical and mental benefits. If your habits are one of the things that you would like to modify in your life, we give you 5…

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Dolphins of Hope

San Carlos embellished with “Dolphins of Hope”

Full of color, full of talent and creativity from the hands of local artists such as Lucía Apodaca, Ana Lucía Salmón, Dora Luz Sarmiento and Lucy Cruz, this is how San Carlos is embellish by the dolphin-shaped sculptures that were installed this weekend at various points of the tourist destination. Through the initiative of the…

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