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What makes a house luxurious?

If you need a break and your dream is to stay at a luxury hotel but it is too expensive, consider the option of renting a luxury house and take a real break of one or more weeks, know what characteristics this complex needs to enter this category. Also, if you are thinking of investing…

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Invest in a house and avoid the financial crisis

It is well known that one of the best investments is real estate, over time your invested capital increases in value, this are known as “Smart investments”. Buying a property or land not only protects your capital, but also opens the possibilities to generate capital gains in real estate in the medium and long term,…

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Know the effects the sea on our brain

Have you noticed that feeling of peace when you are in front of the sea and you listen the sound of the waves, in this article we will tell you why this happens, since it is not only your personal fascination with the sea but a cerebral effect that brings many benefits. Most certainly you…

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