The benefits of horseback riding

In different countries and places Horseback riding can either be a sport, a hobby, a habit or a rarely performed activity; in Sonora Mexico, especially on the paradisiacal beaches, horseback riding is sometimes not a well-known activity but it is another splendid way to tour the beaches.

Riding is a practice that has been carried out for millions of years, it is believed that in the year 4500 BC the activity was already carried out, but it was not until evidence of horseback riding was discovered in the tombs of Egypt dated back to 1600 BC.

Undoubtedly, horseback riding has brought enormous benefits, in a matter of distances it facilitated the transportation and it helped the exchange of goods between cities and collaborated to the commerce development.

In a more personal use also was a facilitator for private purposes, because of this it also became an activity that formed part of the world of sports, equestrian races were and still are an enjoyment for some crowds.  Ranches still use horseback riding as a means of transportation or as a support in their daily activities and sometimes as a relaxing method.

Among many of the benefits of riding a horse outdoors as a recreational activity is exercise. The rider is not only exercising his arms, he is also improving his balance, working his legs, abdomen, and pelvis; also it improves stability and increases coordination.

Riding is called and classified as an isometric exercise because it uses specific muscles to stay in particular positions, some of the parts of your body that are exercised by mounting are your arms, your back, your inner thighs and pelvic muscles.

In addition to the physical exercise some other benefits include your mental health. Horseback riding on the beach is a completely different experience, relaxing and less heavy due to the low impact on the sand, the beach elevates this experience with the sound of the waves and the cool breeze.

Horseback riding at the beach is always a good choice as an outdoor activity in San Carlos since it generates physical activity for the body but at the same time relaxes your mind to be able to enjoy both and keeps you from walking in the sand and feel higher and above while enjoying the companionship of a beautiful animal.

If you are interested or curious in horse rides at the beach please feel free to call “El Rancho del Desierto” also known as “Astrid’s Ranch” questions and reservations: (622) 855 5930


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