Why you shouldn’t swim after a storm

Why you shouldn’t swim after a storm

Although for many it can be very attractive to enjoy the rain looking at the sea and how it is reflected in the clear water, you should know that it is not highly recommended to go swimming after a storm.

Besides of the movement of the sea tide in which the waves can be very strong and be dangerous, water pollution can also put at risk those who decide to swim after a storm.

After the rains we can see the garbage accumulate on the shore of the beach, on the sand and sometimes in the sea, in addition to the possible arrival of sewage that collapses the drains of the city and in some cases joins with the high sea tide due to storms, a problem that equally affects tourists, residents near the beaches, fishermen, among others.

Sewage water can contain dangerous bacteria inside it, so in some places where the contamination is serious, the authorities may temporarily prohibit sea access.

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