What makes a house luxurious?

If you need a break and your dream is to stay at a luxury hotel but it is too expensive, consider the option of renting a luxury house and take a real break of one or more weeks, know what characteristics this complex needs to enter this category.

Also, if you are thinking of investing in real estate or you already have properties, they may already be in the luxury category or close to it and could increase their value.

Although it could be a luxurious apartment, the property must be at least 200 square meters, so space is an important feature to enter this category, in addition to the location, even if it is a very exclusive or paradisiacal, the proximity to services is one of the factors that provides more real estate capital gains.

The views from the different areas of a house is a plus for a luxury house, usually guests will look for landscapes with pleasant views, such as mountains, forests and nature, the favorites and with more value are the bodies of water such as rivers, lakes or beaches.

Luxury homes are priced at an average minimum price of $ 1 million dollars for sale; for renting it, the approximate value is 1% of the total value of the property.

Even if you do not believe it, the price will be an indicator to know if the house you chose is really luxurious and not only an apparent dazzle, that it really holds a surplus value as such, a luxury house is priced at a minimum of 1 million dollars for sale, for renting, the approximate value is 1% over the total value of the property.

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