That your house doesn’t lose its value, we tell you how

When you buy a property, the best thing is that with time its value goes up, not only because of what you invest on it and what you modify, but also because of the growth and development of the place that its located and other important factors.

Next, we will share some points that you should not miss, so your property won’t lose value.

Because of the use of the property, either because of renters or people transit, wear its imminent, however it is important to give maintenance and don’t let any detail remain there, that’s why we need to always be alert so that repairs always be small and not big.

The area on which the property is can have repercussions on the value, if the area is very busy and has a lot of businesses and peddlers this can affect the security and privacy.

That the law and norms are follow and law-breaking establishments implying a risk for the people living there don’t be there, for example a gas station, liquor stores, among others.

The locations and easy access to the property is a very important point at the time to make an offer, that is why a very important quality is how close it is to workplaces, schools, and emergency places like hospitals.

Thus, if you already have a property and you are thinking about selling, make sure that your property covers most of these requirements, show them on your sale offer and if you are thinking about investing on real estate consider them when you buy.

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