Dolphins of Hope

San Carlos embellished with “Dolphins of Hope”

Full of color, full of talent and creativity from the hands of local artists such as Lucía Apodaca, Ana Lucía Salmón, Dora Luz Sarmiento and Lucy Cruz, this is how San Carlos is embellish by the dolphin-shaped sculptures that were installed this weekend at various points of the tourist destination.

Through the initiative of the private sector and civil society, as a sign of their commitment to caring for our territory, those involved in this project restated their commitment and love for San Carlos, honoring the figure of dolphins as a pride and respect for this species that is an important part of the fauna of the Sea of Cortez, recognized as a tourist attraction of the police station.

The sculptures will remain permanently in different highlights of the tourist destination; you can visit them at “Las Cachoras” roundabout, where there are also the letters welcoming San Carlos and also at the Tourist Viewpoint (El Mirador Turístico).

These actions are part of a second stage of the initiative that aims to beautify the destination and contribute a good to the community, as well as give a touch of color and joy to the tour of the main meeting points.

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