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How to receive your deposit by being a good tenant

Most of the leases require a rental deposit that is an amount equivalent to one month’s rent or a close estimate; this is used as a guarantee in case of damage to the property facilities and/or furniture.

The correct and most convenient for both parties is to look after the property and give the necessary maintenance to the place so that at the end of the lease period, the tenant can receive his deposit and the property can be delivered in optimal conditions, sometimes even better than the conditions in which it was received.

It is important to establish in the contract the circumstances in which the deposit would not be returned. Once the tenant verifies that the property does not show damage he has the obligation to return the full deposit.

When you are about to end your contract, review the property carefully and follow these points to make sure that you will receive your deposit back.

A thorough inspection will be necessary upon receipt and once you hand the property, at the time the owner gives you the keys to the property, you must carefully review the place to see the conditions in which you will receive it, both furniture and walls, floors, ceilings, bathrooms and outside. In case of finding imperfections and damage to the property, it is advisable to take pictures and communicate immediately if possible before signing the contract.

In this way you protect yourself and avoid paying damages that aren’t yours to pay and also to guarantee the return of the rental deposit from the beginning. Make sure that the clauses of the contract can be complied within almost any circumstance, this is one of the most important points to ensure the refund of the deposit from the beginning, as it is convenient to keep them in mind in case you want to terminate the contract before time, or correct them before handing over the property, as well as reading the cancellation conditions and obligations as a tenant.

To avoid problems, adhere to the laws and find out about the rights of the tenants, the return of the deposit must be made at the end of the moving process, there is a legal period of up to 30 days to return it.

Before handing over the property it is necessary to clean it thoroughly to avoid being charged an extra quote for cleaning and at the same time it will allow you to verify and repair in case of finding damage to the property, paint imperfections and thoroughly clean bathrooms, kitchens and rooms.

Make sure you pay monthly fees on time and save your vouchers, if in the place where the property is located you have to pay security or maintenance fees it is also necessary that you keep the receipts, as well as the receipts of basic services because at the time of finalizing your contract you will be able to demonstrate that there are no pending debts, this way you will receive your rental deposit without complications.

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