Are you planning to have your pet living inside your home? Follow these tips for everyone’s comfort

Having a pet is a great responsibility and there will be several important decisions that will define its nurturing, one of them is whether it will be an indoor or outdoor pet.

If you have already made this decision it is important for you to consider guidelines of the lease if you live in a rental place or consult the owner before acquiring a pet and bringing it home.

The health of your pet is the most important thing for its well-being so you should make sure it has all its vaccinations, take it constantly to the vet, take care of its hygiene, train it to go to the bathroom, assign it its own space, teach it not to bark neighbors, take him for frequent walks and feed him in an adequate and balanced way.

It is important to take into account your dog’s physical activity to balance his diet, according to the space he has to walk and exercise indoors.

If you are going to have an indoor pet and you do not have much space to walk, it is recommended to look for food with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for dogs that live inside home.

Taking it for a walk every day for at least an hour and a half is recommended for canines that live in small homes.

Even if you assign a special place to sleep and to entertain with toys, the food and water plate should be in the kitchen, you could buy a food dispenser to automatically release the croquettes when you are not at home.

Another important space that you should delimit and have for your pets should be their potty space, preferably outside the house, although if you live in a residential building or do not have a large patio, you can buy an artificial grass mat or a sandbox.

Try to establish a routine with schedules, this way it will be easier to carry out daily activities such as meals, physiological needs, walks and sleeping hours.

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